Oríkì Ìjàọlá


Omo Sogbanmu

Al'oba l'oro

Omo irepe l'okunrin

Omo Amororo

Omo agunloye

Omo Agunloye bi Oyinbo

Omo Ijaola

Omo Koleoso Olufojoye

Omo alade meta

Omo tu eyi ka m'omiran

gbogbo re ni o b'arajo

Omo elerin Olosun dun ni

ti a fi n're omo

Omo ar'ola yan

Omo ar'omu mu

Omo Atibeji

'Gun-nugun gba guruguru lasan

Aisi ekun aja n'gbo

Omo-omo pe'nu

Esure d'omo

Omo Arogede

Iseri Omo Oloko

T'o s'owo m'oko

Eyin oko so gidigba ileke

T'owo t'ileke ni siso

Osu Akesan

Ai gb'owo oko l'owo osu

Eni ba gb'owo oko l'owo osu

Oniyen a pa kaja

A gbode orun gbangba lo

Orun are ma bo

Omo ka mu ijara lo be oko ole wo

B'o ba l'oko ko mu wa'le

Bi o si ba, a f'ijara d'isu wa'le

Omo ri mu je

Omo ri mu ta

B'o kanran ka je owe

Ka fi sako sako eran di omo l'enu

Ara Akesan

Omo Olofin l'aiye

Omo Olofin ti kii ku

Sogbanmu's child
Of royal blood and settled in wealth
The heir who is a mannish remnant
Amororo's descendant
The son majestically enthroned perpetually
Lasting, fair and regal as white royalty
Ijaola's child
Offspring of Koleoso, who gladly embraced chiefdom
Descended from, and entitled to, three crowns
The one ordained by birth, but another chosen
In the end, it makes no difference as well

Used to placate children
He who struts at the grasp of honour
He is well content with his mother's milk

The vulture prances and rambles harmlessly
Only in the absence of the Tiger do dogs bark

He never lacks food to eat
He never lacks goods to sell
Instead of running undesirable errands
One would rather endure an ox's restraint
Emerging from the people of Akesan

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The family eulogy was composed and compiled over time. Depending on who has added to it down the ancestral line, there may be different variations of the eulogy. There has not been any known variation yet, however any recitation is welcome for research and confirmation. Please contact the web administrator with any opinion.

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