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Welcome to AGBO-ILÉ OLÚRÒKO, the online Family Compound of the Royal Chieftain clan of ẸRÙNMU-ÒWU.

This site is dedicated to the legacy of the royal patriarchs who founded ORÍLÉ-ẸRÙNMU, built the family name, defended the rights, might and beliefs of a people bred to affect their generations and spheres of influence.

This site is a global directory for the numerous descendants of ÌJÀỌLÁ - OLÚRÒKO, ỌBA ẸRÙNMU.
Who is ÌJÀỌLÁ? A big family with a story to tell.
We are not a family known by one particular trade, creed or belief. We are dynamic in our geographical and professional spread. We are also blessed to have been able to trace our common ancestry with only little details lost to the inconsistencies of oral tradition. We have not only set out to know about  our past, but to celebrate who we are, keep in touch with each other, and even look out for each other's well-being, just as it was back when the family compound bustled.

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The family's eulogy (ORK
The family's eulogy was composed over the years, forming a sort of oral tradition of the family's encounters from one generation to another. You can read the whole text, or listen to the recitation, here.

Are you an ÌJÀỌLÁ?
Were you born to an ÌJÀỌLÁ male or female, or married to an ÌJÀỌLÁ? Are you related by blood or by association? Have your ancestors lived in the family compound with our ancestors? Have you traced your lineage to find that your progenitors have had past dealings with ours? We welcome you to be part of our match forward together. Celebrate with us the legacy we have inherited. Build with us the bond we intend to achieve through this website.Start by registering to gain access to the inner sanctum. Please note that registration does not automatically confer right of log-in.  We will screen every registration submitted due to the sensitive nature of information available.

Do you have an upcoming event you think we should be interested in?
Send us the details and we can put them on our Events pages. You may also want us to know about your business, or about services you offer. We will feature these in the business profiles and post them in our Links pages.


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